Online Application

Welcome to the Specialty Human Services Online Application Form. Use of this form will expedite quote turnaround time for accounts that meet the following criteria:

i. Less than $15,000 in premium

ii. Less than $5,000,000 in total insured value for the entire account

iii. One of the following types of accounts:

  1. After School Programs
  2. Chambers of Commerce
  3. Child Daycare Centers
  4. Community Recreation Centers including Tennis and Racquet Clubs
  5. Community Service Clubs including but not limited to Kiwanis, Jaycees, Lions
  6. Community/neighborhood associations
  7. Fitness Centers
  8. Food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, and similar
  9. Foundations including private or public, charity, grant-making, philanthropy, and other funding support.
  10. Historical Societies or Clubs
  11. Houses of Worship
  12. Museums
  13. Performing/Visual Arts including but not limited to centers, troupes, traveling theatre, groups, teams, bands, orchestras, symphony, dance studios, and performing or visual arts schools.
  14. Professional Societies and Associations not including labor unions
  15. PTA/PTO or other student supportive services including tutoring
  16. Social or Ethnic Clubs or Associations
  17. Vocational Counseling or Employment Training

If your account does NOT meet the above eligibility requirements, please do NOT submit business via the tool but instead, visit to learn more about SHS and to whom you should submit business for a standard quote. Additionally, if you believe your account to be a fit but SHS determines it is not, the account will still be routed to your standard underwriter for consideration.

Thank you for using the tool. Now, Let’s Begin